Alyson Frey

Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Easton, PA

Major: Biological Sciences and Health Professions

Role at Penn State: 2020 Panhellenic VP for Wellness, CHAARG member, Alpha Epsilon Delta member, Psi Chi member, Sigma Kappa member (2019 panhellenic delegate, 2018 junior delegate), Healthworks peer educator, Crisis Text Line crisis counselor

Interests: working out, yoga, taking care of my dog, practicing self care and wellness

What does women's empowerment mean to you?

Women’s empowerment to me is constantly supporting other women no matter what. This is never tearing anyone down, always complimenting other women, and always helping others no matter the circumstance. You do not have to actively promote or preach women’s empowerment to display it. Supporting other women is the prime example of promoting women’s empowerment.

What is something that you want others to know?

In 2018 I was diagnosed with a few different mental health disorders. Ever since then, I have dedicated my life and involvements to making awareness and normalizing mental health. I have also become extremely involved in women’s empowerment after seeing how much mental health affected women. In these times, we need our women to women connection and support to help us thrive and empower each other.


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