EARTHLY For The Planet: Sustainable Fashion for All

Have you been doing some spring-cleaning of your closet and want to add some flare to your current pieces? Luck for you, EARTHLY For The Planet can transform your pre-owned clothing into show-stopping must-haves. Read how Penn State alumnus and entrepreneur, Jordan Pietrafitta, turned her college thesis into an inclusive and sustainable clothing brand!

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Jordan was a guest-speaker at the November 16th, 2020 Women's Empowerment Roundtable meeting. She spoke about her experience as a female entrepreneur and the ins-and-outs of EARTHLY For The Planet. Check out the recording here!

How it All Began

As a Schreyer Honors scholar, Jordan was brainstorming ideas for her senior thesis. With majors in advertising and English and a love for the fashion industry, Jordan started her research by taking a deep-dive into the past 100 years of fashion. Her research shined light on the lack of diversity, inclusion, and sustainability in the industry. While some brands excelled in one area, no brand seemed to perfect the full trifecta. Well... no brand since EARTHLY For The Planet.

"EARTHLY was my personal way of trying to fix the gaps in the fashion industry." -Jordan Pietrafitta

However, EARTHLY didn't stop after Jordan submitted her thesis. The solitude many found as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic allowed Jordan the space and time to grow her passion. "I took advantage of the pandemic to turn a dream of mine into a real thing," said Jordan. Over the past eight months, EARTHLY has flourished to a fan-favorite and will continue to climb in the industry.

Check out the latest collection!

True to Their Values

EARTHLY For The Planet practices what they preach when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

"Here at EARTHLY For the Planet, we believe that sustainable fashion should be accessible and affordable to everyone, including all genders, races, sizes, ages, abilities, sexualities, and socioeconomic statuses."

By turning previously owned clothing into new wardrobe favorites, EARTHLY is helping extra waste from cluttering our environment. As of December 2020, they've saved over 51 pounds of fabric from ending up in landfills. There are major benefits to EARTHLY's use of up-cycling, opposed to thrifting. Research suggests that only about 10% of thrifted items end up selling, leaving the rest to the landfills. Up-cycling, on the other hand, ensures that the entire product is repurposed. Committed to being no-waste, EARTHLY also keeps all scraps of fabric and hardware while making products for future use. Even the packaging that you'll receive your new favorites in are sustainable. 100% recycled polymailers, newspaper

and an adorable sticker will protect your garments as they make their way to your heart and home.

EARTHLY recognizes the high price-tag that comes with investing in your wardrobe. That's why they make sure that everything from purchasing to shipping is affordable. Now even my wallet is on board!

As you're browsing the site, not only will the price be friendly but you'll also see models that look just like you. EARTHLY makes sure to amplify underrepresented communities and highlight models that match their diverse customer base.

Emphasizing natural beauty, both in individuals and the community, the brand strays away from retouching or Photoshopping their photos. EARTHLY For The Planet is authentic to the core!

While many sites section their collections into "men" and "women", EARTHLY doesn't need to put gendered pronouns on their items. No matter your gender or sexual identity, everything EARTHLY sells is geared towards you. Fashion is exciting, expressive, creative; why limit yourself?

It's Unique Because of You

“Every item sold from EARTHLY is unique. Because the materials used to make each item come from you, our amazing customers with no two wardrobes the same, we can create pieces that reflect every person and style, so you can get an item unique to you.”

Whether you get your own pieces up-cycled or choose from the amazing selection on EARTHLY's website, you are sure to get hooked.

Passion with a Purpose

Not only is your closet reaping the benefits of EARTHLY For The Planet, so is the community at-large. A portion of each sale goes towards charitable donations to international causes.

As your strolling down the streets of your neighborhood, you can find relief that the clothes on your back are benefitting causes such as Black Lives Matter, environmental organizations, and wildlife relief funds. Some of the organizations that EARTHLY has donated to thus far include the Gwich'in Steering Committee, the Lebanese Red Cross, the ACLU, and more.

Do you have an organization or charity in mind? On their Instagram, they regularly ask their followers for donation suggestions! Follow @earthlyfortheplanet

It's their dedication to sustainability as a whole that makes EARTHLY For The Planet so revolutionary. When many people think of sustainability, recycling and green cans may come to their minds. But sustainability is much more than that. Gender equality, responsible consumption and production, climate action, and partnerships are just some of the ways that EARTHLY is embracing what it truly means to be a sustainable brand. By buying their clothes and sending in your own items, you are a part of the change! It definitely sounds like a worthwhile investment for you to make.

What More Could You Ask For?

I know what you may be thinking.... a completely guilt-free shopping spree?!

Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

Don't believe me? Check out EARTHLY For the Planet's website and follow @earthlyfortheplanet on Instagram. Make sure to tag them when you're showing off your new favorites to your friends!


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