Sydney Gibbard

Pronouns: She/Her

Hometown: Yardley, PA

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Role at Penn State: College of Engineering Representative and Vice Chair of Academic Affairs for UPUA; Student Senator in Faculty Senate; Lion Ambassador; Executive Marketing Director for State of State; Lion's Pantry Manager; Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Med Society General Member; Co-Coordinator for the Women's Empowerment Roundtable

Interests: I am the founder of a nonprofit called Girls Code the World, and I also love filmmaking, photography, working out, reading, cooking, and baking!

What does women's empowerment mean to you?

Women's empowerment to me means being a part of a group where I don't feel as though I have to prove myself in any way, whether that is being smart enough, successful enough, or kind enough, because I know the people in that community of women will support me no matter what.

What is something that you want others to know?

I want people to know that the things they do in their time at Penn State are so valued and worth it. My favorite quote is "do small great things" because sometimes I feel as though I am insignificant or not making a difference, but I just need to remind myself that I can do small things that are great and are impactful.


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